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Stadtfisch and the flexible orchestra
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Dru Performing Live with Tribali

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Sounds, sounds and more sounds

Dru collects sounds from doing field/ambient recordings and all sorts of noises.
Soon he will be doing a section on this site with some of his samples up for sale to be used in commercials, movies, and any sort of media

    This is one of Dru’s ongoing projects, music with a difference together with Simon Vella on Violin and Mark Rapa on Guitar.

About Dru Mayer

Dru Mayer is a Maltese self taught percussionist, who has been performing with various artists for several years. His style is versatile and adapts to most types of music, including tribal/world music, acoustic, metal and rock as well as house, dance, electro music and any sorts of experimental music/projects. The weirder the music is, the better it will sound.

The list of instruments Dru performs with is a showcase of his versatility … this include pieces from a standard drum kit such as floor tom, snare drum, various cymbals (including a Paiste rack full of cymbals and gongs), to darabuka, djembe, congas, bongos, cajon, musical saw, udu and last but not least … various hand percussions and unique sound effects from around the world which produce a variety of sounds and effects which help to make Dru’s style unique. ….

In Dru’s own words … everything around us is an instrument, where anything can be used to produce different sounds … it is up to you to find what works best with what ….

Following his sounds search, Dru Mayer lately started a new project which is mainly recording/creating original sound effects and music to be used in movies, adverts and presentations. Dru is always searching for new sounds and ideas and this is what makes him so innovative and unique … he is always ready for any new sound that catches his ear and tickles his fantasy.

A Collection of Dru's works andcollaborations

REK Unplugged Sessions
Ira Losco
Uwe Bastiansen
Mel Xkejfa


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