Dru has been into percussion from a very early age. He was always interested in all the sounds happening around. He started performing live as a percussionist in 2001 with various artists both locally and abroad. His music career started with a metal band at the age of 16. Dru Mayer used to perform on a home-made junk percussion kit which he had made from various metal scraps found lying around. This was a first for Malta ….

Next he joined Fish The Drummer and his band made up entirely of drummers/percussionists named ‘Tribal Troops’, which used to
perform in clubs, beach parties and other events. Here the style was completely different from the heavy metal band he previously played with, as this was a mix of Tribal and dance music.

During 2004 and 2005, Dru Mayer formed part of an acoustic band named RiverStone, which used to perform on a regular basis in Malta, as well as having the opportunity of touring for 4 months in Ireland. This brought loads of exposure to Dru and the band and apart from performing in various clubs and pubs around Ireland, they were also invited to perform in both Belfast and Dublin ….

In 2011 Dru started working on a new project together with musicians Simon Vella (violin) and Mark Rapa (guitar). The trio play a mix of flamenco, jazz, classical and tarantella tunes. This new project is going down very well with the public and are being asked to play at various events, including corporate and vip events, as well as weddings. Dru also forms part in another trio together with two great musicians Charlie Busuttil who owne a well known backline service in Malta and a great Guitar shop: BandAidMusic and Andre on Keyboards. Soon they will be hitting the studio to put some of their original music on cd.

Dru the Solo Percussionist

Apart from being a percussionist with different bands, Dru also plays solo. Usually it involves accompanying  a DJ at various events around the island, namely  Club parties,  VIP parties and  after Wedding parties.

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