Session Musician

In 2006, Dru met with one of the local bands Tribali, and he was asked to join them as a live session percussionist for their gigs, Dru gladly accepted and this was the start of his career as a live session percussionist. Tribali are one of the top bands in Malta best known for ethnic rhythms and their adaptations of music from the orient. …. to date he is still a live session percussionist with Tribali and this gave him the opportunity not only to play in various gigs/concerts and events around Malta and Gozo, but also abroad. In 2007 he played with Tribali in Glastonbury, while in 2008 they were invited to play 3 gigs at the Blues and Rock Festival in Byron Bay, Australia.

Apart from being a session musician with Tribali, he has also performed with various artists around Malta, including Ira Losco (where one of the performances was also released as a DVD), Chasing Pandora, Red Electrick, Crosswalk and others. Being a session musician with such great bands gave him the opportunity to play as a supporting act to great bands like Moby, The Wailers, The Prodigy and Rod Stewart.

Dru (together with all his noisy toys), were also asked to accompany Uwe Bastiansen on stage, during a gig he held in Malta as part of the Kinemastik International Short Film Festival. Uwe Bastiansen is an experimental musician and film maker from Germany. A year after, Dru went up to Hamburg, Germany to record on Uwe Bastiansen’s next album at the Cloudshill Recording Studio, in Hamburg. This gave Dru the opportunity to form part of Stadtfisch and the Flexible Orchestra, which was made up of great musicians, namely Jean-Herve Peron (Faust, Art-Errorist), Geoff Leigh (Henry Cow), Axel Dill (ABWARTS), Diego Pandiscia (Underdog), Cathy Heyden (Urban Sax), Sebastian Nagel (The Ape).

In 2011 Dru worked with another local band Crosswalk, which gave a great acoustic performance at the Manoel Theatre, Malta. They performed during the Teatru Unplugged 14 as the closing act.

2012 Dru was asked to form part of a massive set up for an unplugged project of another local band Red Electrick, which was performed and recorded on DVD which was later shown at the local cinemas.

2013 Dru was introduced to something new to him which consisted of the live sound during a multi-sensory adventure that was planned by Rebecca Debattista, produced by the Manoel Theatre’s educational programme for children, Toi Toi, in collaboration with St Clare’s College, San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre and funded by Kreattiv.
Featuring Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the 50-minute adventure urges children to “think with their senses and never give up”.

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