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Home Studio – The works!

So, finally I will be building my in home “studio”. This place will be used for practising Percussions and Drums, recording of samples and also so Percussion/Drums recording on Tracks. So it will be designed for drums/percussions needs. The process wont be a simple one… it will take a lot of time as it involves a lot of work! I need to make this place in a way that I and the mics :) wont hear/pick what is going on outside and the people outside and the neighbours wont hear my playing…. For this I have the help of Chris from Sparcoustics who is guiding me during the whole process. The main idea is of building a “floating” room in the existing room using special mountings and materials to isolate the place as much as possible. As a start, after forming the original room which is behind my garage, we did 7 Inches of concrete on the ground which on it I applied special sealer to stop the fine dust coming out of it. One of the main difficulties in sound isolation is the base… which travels from the floors and walls. I have learnt that the higher the mass on the ground.. the less it will leak..

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